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July 14, 2007’s Steven Leventhal writes about a blind poker player in the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event. Hal Lubarsky of Las Vegas “sees” the cards through the help of a “reader” and he is in the money at the richest tournament in Poker. Read how this amazing player does it.

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“How To Use An Odds Calculator To Win EVEN More Money At Online Poker…”

July 13, 2007

Do you use a poker odds calculator? I sure hope so. Along with my system, odds calculators are also a CRUCIAL part of winning money at online poker. Here are a just a few ways an odds calculator can QUICKLY and EASILY improve your game: UNDERSTAND YOUR STARTING HAND STRENGTH…

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Poker Giant Says It’s Exempt From Gaming Ban

July 12, 2007

PokerStars, the world’s second-biggest Internet poker firm, said on Thursday that a looming U.S. ban on online gaming would not apply to poker, as it is a game of skill, and its business would continue as usual.

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More Poker Industry Jobs Lost Due to UIGEA

July 11, 2007

Card Player Magazine and the World Poker Tour axed several employees in the last 24 hours, a trend that’s been too common in the poker industry over the last few weeks. Many jobs in the once thriving poker industry have been lost due to the UIGEA and it seems that the two big giants in the poker world were not exempt from the fallout.

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21-year-old wins 2nd World Series of Poker bracelet in 5 days!

July 10, 2007

Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan have 10 bracelets, Phil Ivey has 5…Jeff Madsen, 21-year-old film student already has 2…in 5 days…and is still younger then anyone else ever to win one. “[Doyle] Brunson and [Johnny] Chan have 10, so at this rate, I guess I’ll have 100 when I’m Brunson’s age [72].”

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